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Drake built his life in FL District 72

Meet Drake Buckman

As a Sarasota resident of three decades, Drake and his wife and partner Amiee have made lifelong friends, grown their family, built their law practice, paid their taxes, and known they’ve lived in the best community in the world–

Sarasota’s House District 72. 

"The bottom line is this: We've got to make sure that our quality of life- Infrastructure, Education, and Clean Water are maintained. Otherwise, this is Ft. Lauderdale, frankly, and I don't want to live there."

On the Issues

Our Water

Red Tide florida water pollution environment

There is no District 72 without clean, clear water. We owe our livelihood and lifestyle to our beaches and lakes. Our environment and the tourism it produces are our inheritance, our paycheck, and our retirement. 

Our Schools

Sarasota Florida House District 72 Public Schools Charter Schools in HD72

 District 72 is home to some of the best teachers and schools in Florida. If this level of excellence is to continue, our public schools must be supported at the state level. I will block any attempt to divert precious tax dollars to private charter schools at the expense of our amazing public schools. 

Our Infrastructure

Sarasota sewage spill cleanup Florida House District 72

"Infrastructure” is one of those words that means nothing until you find yourself trapped in traffic on 41 on your way to work, or your neighbors have to boil water because their septic tank or sewage lift station has failed.